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19-500 Gołdap
ul.Gumbińska 15
Tel: (087) 615 38 50
Fax: (087) 615 18 60
Mob: 601 781 566


19-420 Kowale Oleckie
ul.Kościuszki 54
Tel: (087) 523 82 08
Fax: (087) 520 16 34
Mob: 693 569 118
e-mail: gicor2@kowaleoleckie.com.pl

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About Us

GICOR is a family business which consists of two foundries: one in Gołdap and another in Kowale Oleckie. We have been operating successfully for more than 18 years. We have expertise and great experience in the services we provide. We take special care to ensure our products are of top quality; therefore we seek to develop all aspects of our operation. The methods and technology of casting, as well as our machinery, all guarantee meeting the highest quality standards. Our lab equipment allows for testing products and giving out attests.

Our assortment holds a wide range of products. We cast both usable and decorative elements, fireplace inserts, as well as architecture elements and machine castings. Our mission is to perform complex activity and care for the customers' satisfaction. We offer development of casting technology and moulding, both for individual and mass production.

In our business, we do not forget to protect the environment. We were the first foundry in Poland to implement dry de-dusting systems in our furnaces. Since we have a transport fleet of our own, we are able to deliver the cargo to every corner of Poland.